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HBM and MM Testing
Bench HV 2 pin testing:

-- ORYX M700 HBM/MM ESD Simulator
 -- HBM to +/- 16KV to JEDEC, ESDA, or MIL 883 STD
 -- MM to 2KV to JEDEC or ESDA Standards
 -- "0" PreVoltage

IMCS M5000 192 pin auto testing:
-- HBM to +/- 10KV to JEDEC, ESDA, or MIL 883 STD
 -- MM to 2KV to JEDEC or ESDA Standards

HBM, MM. and LU Testing
ORYX M11000 512 pin auto testing:
ORYX M11000EX 2000 pin auto testing:
Thermo-Fisher MK4 2304 pin auto testing:

-- HBM to +/- 8KV to JEDEC, ESDA, or MIL 883 STD
 -- MM to 2KV to JEDEC or ESDA Standards


CDM Testing
-- ORYX M9000 CDM ESD Simulator
  -- Up to +/- 4KV CDM to JEDEC or ESDA Standard

-- Up to +/- 2KV CDM to JEDEC or ESDA Standard

Wafer HBM, MM and TLP Testing

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Green Mountain ESD Labs, LLC
Vaughn P Gross, PE
NARTE Certified SR ESD Control Eng
301 Lake Street, St. Albans, VT 05478
ph: (802) 524-6097 email:

Vaughn P Gross is currently owner/manager of Green Mountain ESD Labs, LLC and a NARTE certified Senior ESD Control Engineer. The Green Mountain ESD Labs are being set up to offer a comprehensive group of ESD services based on Vaughn’s many years of leading edge experience providing ESD services to industry while lead ESD Control engineer for IBM ESD Labs. His leading edge experienced ESD services are HBM/MM/CDM/LU/TLP Characterization and Standard’s (MIL SPEC/JEDEC/ESDA/other) testing, ESD Materials Properties testing, (Mfg) Manufacturing & Development ESD equipment acceptance evaluations, Mfg Practices/internal Specifications/internal Standards document generation, ESD on site Audits/Problem Evaluations/Solutions against customer specifications and/or own best practices criteria, ESD Training and Consulting on ESD matters.

Vaughn is a US Navy Veteran (Cuban Crisis, Dominion Republic uprising, Cyprus Greece Conflict, and Vietnam), serving in the electronics field, received an Honorable Discharge in August of 1964, and immediately started work at IBM (Burlington) located in Essex Junction Vermont. He retired from IBM (Burlington) Microelectronics in August 2002 (38 years service) as Staff Engineer/Scientist in the Reliability Engineering and Manufacturing Quality & Analytical Services organizations. He was a Team Leader and key member of IBM Microelectronics Mfg and Dev Team for ESD, ESA, EMI, and EOS issue(s) resolutions. He was main author, developed, and maintained responsibility of IBM Microelectronics ESD Specifications, Standards, and manufacturing process procedures throughout career with IBM. In 1978 he set up/established the IBM Microelectronics ESD Labs that grew to offer all services listed per 1st paragraph of this bio. Vaughn developed test methods to test IC modules where pincount exceeded the number of tester channels available, and give similar results as all of the Standard Test Methods (MIL SPEC/JEDEC/ESDA/other), because, IBM and other IC manufacturing companies are always ahead of tester manufacturers in development; Vaughn is working to get included in present Standard(s) Test Methods. Vaughn, also developed a Curve Trace method of Device ESD Characterization, by pin, that is still used today by many companies to assess devices ESD Sensitivity threshold.

At IBM, he was a founding member of IBM Corporate ESD Steering Committee, Chair of the IBM Microelectronics Worldwide ESD/ESA/EMI Defect Density Task Group, Chair/hosted IBM (internal) ESD Conferences and Educational Seminars, authored/coauthored numerous papers and Technical Reports on air ionization with patents for Clean Air Ionization and Laser Air Ionization, authored/coauthored several papers and Technical Reports on ESD Testing, ESD protection Circuits, and ESD Factory and Field issues. Since start of each different Testing Standard, he was IBM Microelectronics representative for Mil Spec, JEDEC, and ESDA Standard’s Committee issues on Device Testing. For ESDA since 1980, he has served on EOS/ESD Symposium Technical Committee and several of the ESDA Standard’s Committees. He was often invited (and accepted) to give papers at international Conferences / Symposiums / IBM & other company ESD conferences and guest speaker, expert panelist, and ESD Task Force participate/chair. Vaughn was an IBM Analytical Services ESD Consultant to outside companies on Manufacturing issues and ESD testing. Also, invited consultant to IBM San Jose and worldwide Hard Disk Drive Division Task Force and Team Leader to fix all ESD related problems with MR Heads. Vaughn has received several Patents with Invention Plateau Award from IBM and many other formal awards inside and outside of IBM. He was also recognized by the University of Arizona for participating in a seminar entitled “Microelectronics Facility Design for Submicron ULSI Chip Manufacturing”.

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